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Our personal mission is to bring uniquely designed products to life where inspiration and emotional commitment are in complete harmony. We believe that our quality jewelry and gifts are not just products. Unforgettable moments and eternal memories embodied. In them, soul and matter are perfectly intertwined. Their latest details are designed to perfect human relationships, individual styles, and self-confidence.

The magical and brilliant world of Berns products uniquely designed jewelry, accessories and souvenirs are created by Hungarian hands, renewed season to season.

In the field of high-quality jewelry, accessories, and gifts made with original, European crystals, we are a high-quality European manufacturer in the international forefront with the widest product range. We are proud to say that we have earned all this since 2011 with domestic manufacturing, Hungarian craftsmen, and management. Our products are mostly bought by distributors and retailers from the countries of Europe, America, the Middle-East, and the Far East.


Quality is our first and foremost aspect when selecting materials and creating our products, consequently, our jewelry is exclusively made with anti-allergic surgical steel and exciting skin-friendly materials, inspired by the design and colors that fit the current fashion trends.


Other popular products:

  • Silver plated souvenirs

  • Crystal glasses

  • Stationery

  • Casual bags, leather accessories

  • Fashion accessories


Why our partners love us?

  • dynamically developing brand

  • quality materials

  • original european crystals

  • anti-allergenic medical / 316L steel

  • IP and PVD surface treatment

  • creative, unique shape design

  • handicraft production in Europe

  • new collections every season

  • unique  or OEM design

  • effective marketing tools

  • sales support services

Our concept is based on continuous development, unique design, innovation and expansion of the product range.

Let's meet in person!

If you are a reseller partner or you are interested in the business opportunity we offer, you have discovered our business model based in sales support services: Showroom and wholesale Bp, Gaál Mózes street 5-7., 2. floor  204-205.

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